Petaluma, California 

A River Town in the Heart of Wine Country


New Riverfront Winery + Entertainment Complex
Corporate Events Venue, and Motorsports Museum Location


Adobe Road Winery is building a cutting edge entertainment complex and state-of-the art winery, visitor center, tasting room, corporate/banquet facilities, and an automotive museum located in the center of downtown Petaluma directly on the beautiful and prestigious waterfront.

Much of the dirt work and initial foundation is done and construction will begin spring 2022; this building will allow us to take the “Best of the Best” from many wineries and operations and combine it into one premier location and capitalize on the incredible growth and location of Petaluma. The facility will include indoor and outdoor tasting rooms, a 3rd story 5,000 square-foot top deck for weddings and banquets, a historical motorsports museum, indoor and outdoor dining with a beautiful new pizza oven and located on the historic downtown waterfront.

Downtown Petaluma

Petaluma Tasting Room Highlights

Petaluma is home to one of the most vibrant communities in San Francisco’s Bay Area. And this is the community that Adobe Road is proud to call home. We like to call Petaluma the “starting line to Wine Country.”

Whether you arrive via car, boat or by SMART train, you’ll find a vibrant, bustling community of new world-class restaurants, hotels, arts and more, all anchored by Adobe Road’s new riverfront project, soon to break ground. 

Our new 16,000 sqft. facility will be an inventive and engaging urban space, housing our Adobe Road winery production operation, visitor center, tasting room, event facilities, outdoor activity area, and motorsports museum spotlighting our racing legacy, all overlooking the beautiful Petaluma waterfront. We know our new winery facility will become a destination location and an exciting place to share the splendor of Wine Country with friends and visitors.

Raising the Bar - Our New Home





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Downtown Petaluma wine tasting room gets approval

The Petaluma Planning Commission voted swiftly and unanimously on Tuesday to approve a permit for Adobe Road Winery’s tasting room at The Great Petaluma Mill, 6 Petaluma Blvd. North. It will be downtown Petaluma’s second wine tasting room, and the first serving a wide variety of wines.




Vineyard photo with the Adobe Road Winery logo

Adobe Road Winery Facility: Progress Report

We are eager and excited to open the doors of our new satellite Tasting Room in the Great Petaluma Mill, in the very heart of Historic Downtown Petaluma. This will be our cozy home while development and construction begin on the new headquarters facility, just around the corner. Final licensing and approval are close to completion, and we can’t wait to see some new and familiar faces stopping by to taste some of the new releases. -expected to open late next month.

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Petaluma leads Sonoma County in economic development

His decision was one example of many in recent years that have made Petaluma the leader in economic development in Sonoma County. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the county — 4.1 percent in March — and the second highest median household income, at $75,655 in 2015.
The business activity has rapidly reversed the fortunes of this city of almost 60,000, which was hit with a one-two punch at the turn of the millennium — fallout from the telecom bust of the early 2000s and the real estate crash some six years later. At its low point, commercial office vacancy rates were 40 percent.

Petaluma Sonoma County red star emblem with caption Petaluma is fertile ground for Cultivated, home-grown culture - Lori Varsames

Petaluma is Fertile Ground for "Cultivated, home-grown culture - Lori Varsames"

When Lori Varsames saw her dream job in her dream pop up on LinkedIn one morning, she jumped on the opportunity and applied.

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Adobe Road Winery setting up shop in downtown Petaluma

"When you’re starting to attract businesses that are relocating from the square in Sonoma — the heart of Sonoma Wine Country — to the heart of Petaluma, that really tells you just how attractive the area is, I think it’s going to be a great amenity for our local economy. It’s going to be a great ambiance for the downtown. It’s exactly what the downtown ought to be building."

Photo rendering of upcoming tasting room in Petaluma of Adobe Road Winery

Big Things Happening in Petaluma

Our exciting new State-of-the-Art facility in downtown Petaluma...right on the Riverfront, continues to progress! We are bringing together all of the “Best Practices/Best of the Best” in terms of Tasting Room, Visitors Center, Winery and state-of-the-art equipment, Corporate and Banquet Facilities, Food and Cooking classes, Private Tasting and Barrel Room, Ultra-Premium Custom Crush/Private Label and a Beautiful Automotive and Motorsports Museum - all rolled into one EPIC location, operated by a highly efficient and motivated team. No pun intended but we are going to CRUSH IT!

Photo of man with Adobe Road wine bottle and caption HL Haute Living

Race to the Top: A DITL with Kevin Buckler

Kevin Buckler is a man with two passions: fast cars and fun. And how does he bridge these two very distinct passions together? Through his two companies, Adobe Road Winery and The Racers Group. Running one successful business is a feat in itself, but Buckler is not one to shy away from a challenge. He rather flawlessly runs two, rotating between crafting award-winning wines and running his ever-expanding motorsports company.