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September 20, 2016 | Gail Benzler

A Personal Note from winery CEO Kevin Buckler

I don't always chime in on the quarterly releases, but I am going to start. I am particularly proud of the wines we are sharing with you, as well as what has been happening with the exciting new winery project in downtown Petaluma on the Riverfront!

This club shipment includes several wines that we are very proud of and introduces you to a couple of new winners! The 2013 Apex is a project that has been near and dear to my heart, as a lover and collector of “cutting edge blends”, and some of the most sought after of the “cult” wines, I feel confident that this will stand toe-to-toe amongst any of those wines. If any of you are lucky enough to be on the mailing lists for any of the new ultra-premium blend wines, I challenge you to taste Apex side-by-side in a blind tasting against some of your favorites. I have taken this challenge personally, even blind tasting the winery staff, and am confident your results will mirror our own and Apex will be one of your new favorites. We worked diligently on this project, selecting some of the best barrels from four different varietals and are really excited with the results. We expect you will be too.

The next two wines are rather unique varietals you don't often see as stand alone, but we have been producing them for the last few years. Viognier is amongst the most valued white wines in any collector’s cellar. It is a difficult grape to craft into a world class wine. Garrett and I worked meticulously together and have got it right with this vintage! Lighter and more delicate than previous vintages, it still has all the characteristic floral notes expected of Viognier, but with graceful creamy fruit and a beautiful finish. Our2013 Grenache is also an incredible expression of the varietal, a lighter bodied red similar to pinot, but with more spice and earth. We produced 132 cases of this special wine, just for our wine club members. You will love this one!

The new project on the downtown Petaluma riverfront is continuing full steam and we are looking forward to demolishing the old building on property and beginning construction on the new. We are thrilled with the stunning new concept our architect has designed and also keeping some of the cool Petaluma traditions.  We are orienting the entire winery and especially our tasting room, visitor center and banquet facilities completely around the waterfront property.  The outdoor patio decks with fire pits and the pizza oven will be a fun and festive location for everyone to enjoy and hope it will be a source of pride when you bring friends, family and colleagues for a tasting at YOUR winery. One of the many great features of this new facility will be a beautiful event center that takes full advantage of our wonderful waterfront location. Please reach out to the wine team if you would like to be on the list to use this facility for a wedding, corporate or other event. 

The new tasting room in the Great Petaluma Mill is now complete and the extremely positive feedback from the city and all the residents who have stopped in to congratulate us has been overwhelming.

If anyone has interest in joining our team of investors in this new waterfront winery project, please feel free to reach out to me directly and I will be happy to answer any questions, providemore details, and give you a personal tour of all that we are doing. Several of you already have and we welcome you to this exciting new Partnership.

Thank you all for being part of the "Team Adobe Road Family".

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