Garrett Martin
November 18, 2016 | Garrett Martin

Kevin & Garrett Showcase Adobe Road at the Premier Wine Spectator event in New York

Every industry has an event that brings together the best of the best: think Academy Awards, the Grammys, Golden Globes, the Presidential race (wait, scratch that last one!). The wine industry is no different: our Academy Awards are called the Wine Spectator New York Wine Experience.

With thousands of wineries worldwide to choose from, Wine Spectator picks only their top 250 producers and gives them the honor of being a Critic’s Choice award winner. The event is attended by participants from around the world with the highlight being Thursday and Friday evenings where all of the attendees are able to taste the wines from these top producers and meet the owners and winemakers. It is a spectacular event and a huge honor to be selected to participate.

No award event is complete without a ceremony. It just so happens that in the wine industry our “ceremonies” tend to be tastings, which are way more fun than acceptance speeches! Imagine 250 of the world’s top wineries pouring their best wines for thousands of fans. That is The Wine Spectator Critic’s Choice Experience! That was our week last week and we rocked it!

Kevin and Garrett poured tastings of the highly rated Adobe Road 2009 Cabernet Franc. With Times Square as a backdrop, the wines took center stage and our Cab Franc was a shining star with winery colleagues, critics, and fans alike.


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